• Romulo Bangs Hugo
  • Gustavo Henry Bangs Miguel
  • Romulo Bangs Tony D
  • Miguel and Hugo BareBang
  • Romulo Bang Gustavo Henry
  • Marcello Mastro barebangs Hugo
  • Diego bangs Marcus P
  • Marcello Mastro bangs Lion
  • Romulo Bangs HugoHugo is lying about the apartment with just a jock strap on and his bare ass showing. How is Romulo supposed to ignore that and not want to stick his cock in that fine ass? He starts by getting his tongue deep inside Hugo's hole. By that time Hugo's aroused and wants Romulo's big fat cock in his mouth. Then Romulo pounds Hugo's ass against ...CategoriesAnal, Oral, Rimming, Videos, Hairy, Jock Strap, Bareback, Facial
  • Gustavo Henry Bangs MiguelGustavo just wants to fuck and Miguel is ready for his onslaught. They fuck in a bunch of positions until Miguel's hole is satiated and his stomach is covered in his own cum and his face is covered in Gustavo's.CategoriesAnal, Oral, Videos, Smooth, Facial
  • Romulo Bangs Tony DRomulo and Tony D are playing poker. They are not taking the game terribly seriously - apart from the strip part. Romulo tongues Tony's tight naked ass and get it ready to take a pounding from his thick cock. The cards end up all over the floor as the two finish up the game with a spectacular cum shot.CategoriesAnal, Oral, Rimming, Videos, Bubble Butt, Inked, Hairy
  • Miguel and Hugo BareBangHugo is curious about what Miguel has got in his pants. But before he can release that beast Miguel is deep throating his cock. Hugo finally gets a chance to taste Miguel's meat and the feeling of his lips on his shaft makes him so horny he turns Hugo around to rim his ass. That's enough foreplay Hugo decides and takes his bare cock and shoves...CategoriesAnal, Oral, Rimming, Videos, Duo, Bubble Butt, Smooth, Bareback
  • Romulo Bang Gustavo HenryRomulo (who is now sporting a sexy hairy chest) is impressed with Gustavo's fine ass. The look of it in his speedos is making him hard and Gustavo rubs it against Romulo's bulging pants. Gustavo removes Romulo's hard cock and gently licks it all over and sucks his balls. Romulo then reciprocates before he starts to rim Gustavo's fine ass...CategoriesAnal, Oral, Rimming, Videos, Inked, Hairy, Speedo
  • Marcello Mastro barebangs HugoMarcello and Hugo are making out on the bed but Hugo wants to get inside Marcello's pants. He unzips his jeans and reveals Marcello's monster cock. He immediately wraps his lips around the thick beast making sure every inch is rock hard. Marcello then takes Hugo's cock in his mouth and then flips him over to bury his face deep in Hugo's ...CategoriesAnal, Oral, Rimming, Videos, Duo, Big Cocks, Bubble Butt, Smooth, Bareback, Facial
  • Diego bangs Marcus PAfter showing us what he could do on poor ol' Ivan last month, Diego returns to put that stunning body into high gear and drive that cock into Marcus. It's a battle of the beauties as this duo suck and fuck their way into the fantasies of all you Latin lovers out there.CategoriesAnal, Oral, Rimming, Videos, Duo, Latin, Big Cocks, Inked, Smooth
  • Marcello Mastro bangs LionGet ready to see my baby Lion mounting Marcello's big, thick 11-inch cock - it's one hell of a ride. I think you guys are going to be incapable of holding in your loads when you see this bodybuilder getting his ass worked out. Definitely one to watch over and over again.CategoriesAnal, Oral, Rimming, Videos, Duo, Latin, Big Cocks, Inked, Smooth
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    Porn To Be Wild - Sc 1
    Two rock hard muscle studs pummel and plow each other in a butt bangin' hardcore scene what will leave your ass puckered and drain your cock. This is one bareback ass pounding that will have you screaming .. ahhhurggggggg phew! Released 26th December
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    The Stepfather: My House, My Rules - Sc 1
    When your Stepfather is on your case about getting a job - what's the best thing to do? Well might I suggest fucking the pool boy in the hot summer sun. That will get his moaning off your mind for sure! Released 26th December
  • Latest Scene For
    Girth Brooks and Jake Tyler
    Jake wakes up in the middle of the night to take a leak at an outside urinal. His Sergeant has to take a leak as well. With dicks in hand and horned up they start talking about getting laid before Girth baits the private to suck his cock. Jake obliges and deep throats that big fucker. Girth then bends Jake over and fucks his perfect round ass, doggy style. Jake then takes control sitting on Girths fat cock he rides it long and hard. Released 17th December
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    Don't miss seeing Race Cooper get fisted for the first time on film. Felix Barca has Cooper bent over a barrel in a back alley. Barca starts massaging Cooper's prostate and working his fingers in one by one, each time pulling out to show us his gaping hole. Barca works Cooper's ass with some hot - finger banging until Cooper's moaning. Barca gloves and lubes up preparing Cooper for his fisting session. Barca pulls out a giant dildo and works Cooper's ass with it then succeeds in getting his fist in all the way. Released 24th December
  • Latest Scene For
    I have to admit it - I'm a sucker for a guy in glasses. But when he takes off his singlet and reveals a perfect chest like Aaron I'm reduced to a drooling mess. I know you're going to like this one.
  • Latest Scene For
    Bears Hauling Butt - Sc 1
    Those eyes, those hands, that ass! You won't believe that three men can twist into this many different positions, just trying to move a few boxes.
  • Latest Scene For
    Kyler Ash Serviced
    It's Kyler Ash's first day at Jake Cruise Media and he's getting familiar with the employee handbook. Due to the nature of the business, Jake Cruise comes over to explicitly go over the section on sexual harassment. To drill the point home, Jake gives Kyler a very hands on approach about what not to do in order to avoid breaking any of the rules. For example, removing ones shirt so your boss can rub your chest would be bad. Dropping your pants and taking out your huge dick would also be a red flag. A definite no-no would be getting your dick sucked at the office by anyone, especially your boss. To be sure not to leave any grey areas, Jake makes sure to go over toe-sucking and ass eating with Kyler, too. Kyler Ash appreciates all the extra time Jake spends with him and shows it by giving Jake a mouthful of his warm cum. Released December 24th
  • Latest Scene For
    Cum Facial Car Fuckers
    It’s BOYKAKKE!, which means some boy is in for a sweet treat facial. I wouldn't want to give anything away, but let's just say, "it's good to be Mits. "Matter of fact, it would be nice to be any of these three hot twink boys in this car. The video also includes Salim and Yai, for a fun three-way ride. Released 19th December
  • Latest Scene For
    Richard's Tickle Torture (Our first video ever) Revived
    This is the first video me and Ricky ever made. It was filmed on an analog video tape camcorder. I have done my best to brighten and sharpen it up. It"s certainly viewable, just not as high quality as today"s standards. Regardless, this remains my all-time favorite because Ricky is the most ticklish Asian boy I've ever known, and the tickling is fantastic in this one. Re-released 24th December
  • Latest Scene For
    A Fucking Good Workout
    I found this boy at the gym here in Ohio, he claimed to have a girl friend. He told me he had fucked around with other guys before and even did a little gay porn for some random websites. I asked him to come over that night, we would workout and he could make some cash.
  • Latest Scene For
    White Hot - Sc 3
    Gavin Waters and Blake Montana are awash with desire as they take each other on. Clad in matching white robes, they begin to make out perched on the side of the tub. They run their lips and hands all over each other's firm toned bodies as the taste and the feel of manly flesh overwhelms them. Soon they sink into the sudsy tub to continue their frenzied frolic. Blake starts to nurse on his pal's dick savoring each precious inch before they reverse roles so Gavin gets the chance to indulge himself just as greedily. Soon things get really cheeky when Blake dives tongue-first into Gavin's asshole, tickling the crack with a series of wet jabs and pokes. Then he drives his rigid staff into the primed manhole, burrowing deeper and harder with each thrust and all Gavin can do is moan that it feels so good. They finish sitting side-by-side, sucking face and jacking off until they both shoot their wads. Released 26th December
  • Latest Scene For
    Roman and Ricky
    Ricky says that he likes to get spanked and tied up, while Roman responds that he likes to dominate and fuck. Pierre Fitch shoots the action and directs our hunks towards a little master and slave scene in this week’s episode. After flipping his slave around and filling him with cock, Roman pulls out and gives Ricky a facial while Ricky jerks off.
  • Latest Scene For
    Prison - Sc 4
    If this is what prison is really like, I bet there'll be more than a few of you happy to commit a crime to get there. Check out this hot older/younger couple behind bars making the most of their time with some very hot intergenerational sucking and fucking in their cell. Released 23rd December
  • Latest Scene For
    Valentin Petrov and Tate Ryder
    Tate pulls out Valentin's humongous, uncut cock and strokes it. Tate gets down on his knees and sucks Valentin's pole teasing his foreskin by sucking it and pulling it. Tate bends over on the couch and Valentin feasts on his bubble butt. He licks and fingers Tate's ass and shoves his fat cock up Tate's tight hole. Tate and Valentin take a break from fucking and take turns deepthroating each others pricks. Tate sits on Valentin's cock and rides it hard. He twists around and continues to bounce on Valentin's pole. Tate Ryder lays down on the couch and Valentin Petrov plows his thick hung cock until Tate blows his load all over his chest. Released 24th December
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    Three The Hard Way - Sc 4
    Here's three sacks I'd like to see cum down my chimney - Colin Steele, Lee Denim and Chad Brock. Chad starts out on his knees sucking hard on Colin and Lee's hard as wood and ready to go cocks. Then before you know it he's the meat in the middle of their sandwich with Lee's cock still in his mouth and Colin's tongue in his ass. He gets covered in cum and if thats not hot enough for you(do you have a pulse?) there is a gag reel at the end. Released 23rd December
  • Latest Scene For
    Cute 18year old bottom boy David shows us his stuff in this sexy solo video. He teases us with his long uncut cock through his boxers before letting it loose and shooting wads of twinky cum all over his chest. Nice work David.
  • Latest Scene For
    Gag That Fag Vol 3 - Sc 7
    Trevor's got a present for our favourite cock sucker - a big gob full of cum. It's just what he wanted so everyone is merry! Released 25th December
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